Benji S4 contestant
Contestant Profile
Hometown Canada Canadian Flag
Occupation Wiki Admin
Seasons Competed 1
Total Number of Days 66

Tumblr Survivor: Panama

Tribe(s) Bayoneta
► Casaya
Snillor Idoj
Placement 5th
Alliance(s) The Core Four and Samrah
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 66

Benji was a contestant on Tumblr Survivor: Panama.

Tumblr Survivor: Panama

Benji was a contestant on Survivor Tumblr season 4. He started off on the Bayoneta tribe and and formed a Day 1 alliance and Final 2 deal with Adam. With Bayoneta avoiding the first three Tribal Councils, Benji laid low and didn't make any waves. During this time, Benji won the first two Reward Challenges, and along with Adam started to search for the Hidden Immunity Idol. When Bayoneta finally lost the fourth Immunity Challenge, Benji and Adam decided to target Dylan, who was weak in challenges, and informed the other four tribe members of this. Alex, unbeknownst to Benji, went to Dylan with this information and tried to get the numbers to flip the vote against Benji. However, after being threatened by Adam about her longevity in the game, Alex decided to vote with the tribe and send Dylan home.

After the tribe swap, Benji was placed on the Casaya tribe along with Adam. After the tribe unanimously voted off Jacob at their first Tribal Council, Benji was a part of the majority alliance of himself, Adam, Casey, Elizabeth, and Samrah. They proceeded to vote off Evelyn, and with Katie anticipating her elimination she quit the game. During this time, Benji played a poor social game, letting Adam and Casey control the alliance and failing to make any inroads with other Casaya members. The only person Benji tried to make a relationship with was Cassidy, who was not a part of the majority alliance. Benji expressed in his confessionals his intent to try to bring Cassidy into the majority alliance once the tribe voted off the remaining outsider, Jack. This plan went down the toilet when Cassidy gave Jack the Hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council, and with Jack having every vote against him, Jack had the power to send anyone home, and chose Cassidy, eliminating her from the game. Then there was the whole mutiny controversy, which led to an impromptu merge with 10 contestants remaining.

Benji entered the merge with his alliance of five facing the four former La Mina members (Alex, Hanne, Phil and Wes), and Jack who had been outcast by the Casaya members. After Samrah got evacuated, the Casaya alliance was on the wrong side of the numbers. Benji and other Casaya members attempted to get Phil and Alex, his former Bayoneta tribe mate, to flip on the La Mina alliance, but to no avail, as Benji watched his alliance members Elizabeth and Adam get voted out in back-to-back Tribal Councils. During this time, Benji won two more Reward Challenges and went in pursuit of the Idol. With his back against the wall, Benji won Immunity at Final 7. This gave him and his only remaining alliance member, Casey, an opportunity to form a new alliance of four with Wes and Hanne. The four of them developed a plan entitled "Ditch the Snitch" to blindside Alex, which they carried out successfully. The new alliance of four then took out Phil at the next Tribal Council. At final five, Benji and Casey went head-to-head against Wes and Hanne. Although Benji and Casey were able to gain the trust of Jack with the plan to vote out Hanne anticipating Wes would win Immunity, Wes revealed he had the Hidden Immunity Idol and was intending to play it for Hanne, with Benji being the intended target. Benji ultimately got voted out at that Tribal Council and received fifth place. He opted to vote for his alliance-mate Casey at Final Tribal Council, helping her become the Sole Survivor by a 5-2 vote over Jack.

Voting History

Tumblr Survivor: Panama

Benji's Voting History
Episode Benji's
Voted Against
1 Bayoneta Tribe Immune
2 Bayoneta Tribe Immune
3 Bayoneta Tribe Immune
4 Dylan Dylan
5 Casaya Tribe Immune
6 Jacob -
7 Evelyn -
8 No Vote
9 Jack -
10 No Vote
11 Wes -
12 Hanne -
13 Alex Individual Immunity
14 Phil -
15 Hanne Wes, Casey, Hanne, Jack
Voted Off, Day 66
Voted for
Sole Survivor