Caleb S6 contestant

Caleb S3 contestant

Contestant Profile

Tumblr Survivor: Samoa

Tribe(s) Foa Foa
Placement 9/18
Challenge(s) Won 2
Day(s) Lasted 28

Tumblr Survivor: Tocantins

Tribe(s) Timbira
► Jalapao
Placement 2/24
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 57

Tumblr Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Tribe(s) Heroes
► Yang
Toa Totoa
Placement 5/20
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 60
Caleb was a contestant on Tumblr Survivor: Samoa and Tumblr Survivor: Tocantins. He will compete on Tumblr Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

Tumblr Survivor: Samoa

On season 2, Caleb finished in 9th place, the second person voted out after the merge. Pre-merge, he was in the dominant alliance on the Foa-Foa tribe, along with Anna, Brandon S., Brennah and Jasmine. However, Brandon flipped post merge and the rest of Foa-Foa was promptly picked off.

Tumblr Survivor: Tocantins

In season 3, Caleb started off on the Timbira tribe, and his allegiance was with Anna. After the tribe swap, he was placed on the Jalapoa tribe, and stayed loyal to the old Timbira tribe, aligning with Ina and Anna. Once the merge hit, he made a five person alliance with Anna, Katie, Sarah, and Alyssa, with Ina as a sixth. This became the final six, after picking off the rest of the players. After Ina was medically evacuated, Caleb had to play a hidden immunity idol to save himself, blindsiding Sarah in the process. Him and Anna then forced a 2-2 tie with Alyssa and Katie, sending Caleb to a tiebreaker against Katie, which he won to give himself a place in the final 3. In the final three, Caleb received three votes, one less that eventual winner Alyssa. The jury credited him with being nice and honest (including being voted most honest in the touchy subjects challenge), but thought he rode Anna's coattails somewhat in order to make the finals. He was a very loyal player throughout the game, but ultimately failed to make the necessary social connections with the entire jury to win.

Voting History

Season 3

Caleb's Voting History
Episode Caleb's
Voted Against
1 Timbira Tribe Immune
2 Matty Annie
3 Timbira Tribe Immune
4 Breanna -
No Vote
5 Jack;
6 Annie Annie
7 Jalapao Tribe Immune
8 Jalapao Tribe Immune
9 Chad -
10 Katie -
11 Katelyn -
12 Chris -
13 Ryan -
14 Samantha -
No Vote
15 Lacey -
16 Sarah Alyssa, Katie
17 Katie Alyssa, Katie
Jury Votes
for Caleb
Ina, Katelyn,
Runner-Up, Day 56

Tumblr Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains

Caleb's Voting History
Episode Caleb's
Voted Against
1 Ryan -
2 Brennah -
3 Heroes Tribe Immune
4 Heroes Tribe Immune
5 Justin -
6 Heroes Tribe Immune
7 Adam -
8 Jessica -
9 Jack -
10 Phil -
11 Casey -
12 Lacey -
13 Wes -
14 Kellan -
15 JaeMin JaeMin, Jake B
Voted Off, Day 60
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Votes with a strike through them were negated by a Hidden Immunity Idol.


  • In both of Caleb's seasons, he finished one placement ahead of Anna.