Tribe Profile
Season Mykonos
Namesake A beach in Mykonos, Greece
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Yalos
Tribe Status Starting Tribe
Challenge Wins 9
Lowest Placing Member Miles H (19/20)
Highest Placing Member Tom A (Sole Survivor)
Kalafati buff

Kalafati is one of the three competing tribes on Tumblr Survivor: Mykonos. The season started with two tribes, but featured an expansion swap to add a third.



Mykonos jacobMykonos joannaMykonos julian
Mykonos miles hMykonos oakleyMykonos oliviaMykonos ryan
Mykonos stephenMykonos tomMykonos zeezo

Expansion Swap

On Day 6, an expansion swap occurred, creating a third tribe.

Mykonos jaredMykonos mattMykonos oakley
Mykonos robbieMykonos sammyMykonos zeezo

Unmerge Swap

On Day 19, the merge tribe unmerged, reverting back into the original two starting tribes.

Mykonos lukasMykonos mattMykonos oakley
Mykonos oliviaMykonos ryanMykonos sammy

Hero Swap

On Day 22, the tribes selected the two people they trusted the most. Those people were sent to the other tribe, and the two most trusted from the other tribe were sent here.

Mykonos jaredMykonos lukasMykonos matt
Mykonos oliviaMykonos ryanMykonos zeezo