Lacey S6 contestant

Lacey S3 contestant

Contestant Profile

Tumblr Survivor: Tocantins

Tribe(s) Timbira
► Jalapao
Placement 6/24
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 53

Tumblr Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Tribe(s) Villains
► Yang
Toa Totoa
Placement 9/20
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 50
Lacey was a contestant on Tumblr Survivor: Tocantins and Tumblr Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

Tumblr Survivor: Tocantins

Lacey started on the Timbira tribe making an allegiance with Matty, Kayla, and Caleb as one allegiance and Anna, and Alexis as a second allegiance known as the Texas allegiance. Lacey turned on Matty and voted him out. During the tribe swap Lacey ended up on Jalapao with Caleb and Anna they made an allegiance but she made a secret allegiance with Katelyn on Jalapao. When the tribes merged Lacey was in two alliances the first one was the old Jalapao members Katelyn, Chris, Ryan, Sam, and Ina and the second being the Mighty Timbira Women Alexis, Sarah, Katie, Anna, Alyssa with Caleb being our seventh vote. The first vote after the merge the mighty timbira women were going to vote Katelyn but Lacey turned on the mighty timbira women and voted with the old Jalapao. Lacey was seem as a villain for turning on her alliance and after a comment she made in a vote for katie saying "Eat bleach and die".

Voting History

Tumblr Survivor: Tocantins

Lacey's Voting History
Episode Lacey's
Voted Against
1 Timbira Tribe Immune
2 Matty -
3 Timbira Tribe Immune
4 Dalton -
No Vote
5 Jack;
6 Annie -
7 Jalapao Tribe Immune
8 Jalapao Tribe Immune
9 Chad -
10 Alexis -
11 Anna Individual Immunity
12 Sarah Individual Immunity
13 Katie -
14 Ina Individual Immunity
No Vote
15 Alyssa Sarah, Katie,
Anna, Caleb, Alyssa
Voted Off, Day
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Tumblr Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains

Lacey's Voting History
Episode Lacey's
Voted Against
1 Villains Tribe Immune
2 Villains Tribe Immune
3 Katie -
4 Katie Jessica, Jake, Katie
5 Aiden -
6 Jake -
7 Adam -
8 Wes Jessica
9 JaeMin -
10 Phil -
11 Wes Wes, Jake B, Jasmine, Caleb,
Kellan, Hanne, JaeMin
Voted Off, Day 50
Removed From Jury


  • During season 4 Lacey created some drama with the players who quit in the fire is life tag.
  • Retired from Tumblr Survivor.