Toga Tata
Tribe Profile
Season Myanmar
Namesake Made up
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 14
Tribe Status Merged
Lowest Placing Member Steffen Reals (12/20)
Highest Placing Member Tommy (Sole Survivor)
TogaTata Buff

Toga Tata is the merge tribe from Tumblr Survivor: Myanmar.


Amanda S49Ashley S49Brett S49Christian S49
Jay S49Keegan S49Leah S49Linus S49
Sam S49Steffen S49Ting Ting S49Tommy S49


  • The Toga Tata tribe actually has a bonus track named after it on the Slaybells: Mayhaps Myanmar album called HA TOGA MA TATA
    • One can only play this track on the second blue moon of the month, while in THE cave, and by throwing the album into a fire made from the anguish of the season