Tumblr Survivor: Panama
Panama Logo
Season 4
Season Run September 13, 2013 –
December 4, 2013
Host Katelyn
Survivors 24
Winner Casey
Runner(s)-up Jack
Tribes Bayoneta
La Mina
Snillor Idoj
Returnees Adam (S6, S12, S14, S65, S75)
Andrew (S5, S8)
Casey (S6, S17, S20, S30)
Dylan (S9)
Elizabeth (S10)
Hanne (S6, S15, S20, S57)
Jack (S6, S8, S13, S14, S24, S50)
Katie (S6, S8, S9, S24, S28,
S35, S40, S63, S70, S75)
Mandy (S10, S35)
Phil (S6, S10, S40)
Ray (S26)
Ryan Teddy (S6, S13, S28, S37, S53, S57, S65, S75)
Sarah (S5)
Wes (S6, S9, S22, S50)
Opening Sequence
Tumbr Survivor 4 Opening

Tumbr Survivor 4 Opening

Series Chronology
Previous Season Tocantins
Next Season Redemption Island

Tumblr Survivor: Panama is the fourth season of the online version of the reality TV show Survivor. It ended with Casey defeating Jack Estavanik by a 5-2 vote on December 4, 2013.


  • Returning Players: Seven returning players who played in Seasons 1, 2, and 3 came back for their shot at redemption.
  • Four Tribes: For the first time in the series, the castaways were divided in four tribes of six.
  • Double Tribal Council: The twist sends both tribes to Tribal Council in one night.
  • Tribe Switch: In Episode 5 there was a tribe switch that mixed up the original tribes into two new tribes. Viveros and Bayoneta were disbanded.
  • Hidden Immunity Idols : Reward Challenges were held in which the winners would receive a Hidden Immunity Idol clue. Three Idols were hidden throughout the season.
  • Mutiny: With fourteen contestants remaining, the tribes were offered to switch tribe affiliations.
  • Two-way finals: Unlike the first three seasons where the usual final three is featured, this season featured a Final Tribal Council with two remaining finalists facing a seven-person Jury.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
Madeleine S4
Madeleine La Mina 1st Voted Out
Day 5
Basel S4
Basel Casaya 2nd Voted Out
Day 9
Marissa S4
Marissa Casaya 3rd Voted Out
Day 12
Dylan S9
Dylan Bayoneta 4th Voted Out
Day 17
Lauren S4
Lauren Bayoneta La Mina 5th Voted Out
Day 22
Jacob S4
Jacob La Mina Casaya 6th Voted Out
Day 27
Evelynn S4
Evelyn Casaya Casaya 7th Voted Out
Day 32
Katie S4
United States American Flag
Cook Islands, Samoa, Tocantins
Casaya Casaya Quit
Day 35
Andrew S4
17, SC, United States American Flag
Casaya La Mina 8th Voted Out
Day 36
Cassidy S4
MA, United States American Flag
La Mina Casaya 9th Voted Out
Day 39
Sarah S3
Bayoneta La Mina Quit
Day 40
Ray S4
United States American Flag
La Mina La Mina Quit
Day 40
Kayla S3
United States American Flag
Viveros La Mina Quit
Day 40
Ryan S3
21, NJ, United States American Flag
Casaya La Mina Quit
Day 40
Samrah S4
Samrah La Mina Casaya Snillor Idoj Medically
Day 44
Elizabeth S10
Elizabeth Viveros Casaya 10th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 49
Jake S5
16, NJ, United States American Flag
Bayoneta Casaya 11th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 54
Alex S4
Alex Bayoneta La Mina 12th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 57
Phil S4
Phil Viveros La Mina 13th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 61
Benji S4
Canada Canadian Flag
Bayoneta Casaya 14th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 66
21, CA, United States American Flag
Viveros La Mina 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 71
Hanne S4
16, United States American Flag=
Viveros La Mina 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 76
Jack S4
15, NJ, United States American Flag
Cook Islands, Samoa, Tocantins
La Mina Casaya Runner-Up 2
Casey S4 Casey
17, NY, United States American Flag
Viveros Casaya Sole-Survivor 3

The Game

Episode Reward Immunity Voted Off Vote
"She Just Doesn't Talk" None Viveros Madeleine 5-1

"Are You Trying to Sell My

Information On the Internet?"

Andrew Viveros Basel 5-1
Benji La Mina
Cassidy Bayoneta
"The Worst is Gonna Go, U Feel???" None Viveros Marissa 5-1
La Mina
"Hope Your Head Feels Better"1 Andrew Viveros Dylan 5-1
Benji La Mina
Jack Casaya
"Lost Little Puppy" Katie Casaya Lauren 8-1-1
"Walking On Eggshells" Adam La Mina Jacob 9-1

"This Isn't Taking A Turn For

The Worst Or Anything..."

Adam La Mina Evelyn 6-2-1
"My Heart Will Go On" None Adam Katie Quit
Wes Andrew 4-3-2
"Plot Twist" Jack La Mina Cassidy 62-1
Wes Sarah, Ray,
Kayla & Ryan
"Public Enemy #1" Adam None Samrah Evacuated
"It's Great That You Got Sand In Your Eye" Benji Adam Elizabeth 5-2-23
"Sitting Ducks" Wes Wes Adam 5-3
"Take That Bitches" Wes Benji Alex 5-2
"Frick This Game" Benji Wes Phil 5-1
"I'm Half Machine! I'm A Monster" Casey Wes Benji 4-14
"Tears In My Eyes" None Casey Wes 3-1
Casey Hanne 1-0
"TBH IFU" Jury Vote Jack 5-2

1. According to the hosts, in episode 4 no Viveros member won Reward due to no Viveros members submitting a score for that challenge .
2. Cassidy played the Hidden Immunity Idol for Jack negating the 6 votes against him.
3. Wes played the Hidden Immunity Idol negating the 2 votes against him.
4. Hanne played the Hidden Immunity Idol negating the 1 vote against her.

Voting History

Tribal Votes

Tumblr Survivor: Panama Voting History
Original Tribes Tribe Swap Merged Tribe
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Eliminated Madeleine S4
Basel S4
Marissa S4
Dylan S4
Lauren S4
Jacob S4
Evelynn S4
Katie S4
Andrew S4
Cassidy S4
Sarah S4
Ray S4
Kayla S3
Ryan S3
Samrah S4
Elizabeth S4
Adam S4
Alex S4
Phil S4
Benji S4
Hanne S4
Jack S4
Casey S4
Vote: 5-1 5-1 4-1 5-1 8-1-1 9-1 6-2-1 Quit 4-3-2 1-0 Quit Quit Quit Quit No Vote 5-2 5-3 5-2 5-1 4-0 3-1 1 5-2
Casey Jacob Evelyn Jack Hanne Hanne Alex Philip Benji Wes Hanne Jury Votes
Jack Madeleine Jacob Adam Cassidy Elizabeth Adam Hanne Philip Benji Wes -
Hanne Lauren Ryan Elizabeth Adam Alex Philip Benji Wes - Casey
Wes Lauren Ryan Elizabeth Adam Alex Philip Benji Jack Casey
Benji Dylan Jacob Evelyn Jack Wes Hanne Alex Philip Hanne Casey
Philip Lauren Andrew Elizabeth Adam Hanne Jack Jack
Alex Dylan Lauren Andrew Elizabeth Adam Alex1 Jack
Adam Dylan Jacob Evelyn Jack Wes Hanne Casey
Elizabeth Jacob Evelyn Jack Hanne Casey
Samrah Madeleine Jacob Evelyn Jack MedEvac
Ryan Basel Marissa Lauren Hanne Quit
Kayla Lauren Andrew Quit
Ray Madeleine Lauren Andrew Quit
Sarah Dylan Philip Hanne Quit
Cassidy Madeleine Jacob Evelyn Jack
Andrew Basel Marissa Lauren Hanne
Katie Basel Marissa Jacob Casey Quit
Evelyn Basel Marissa Jacob Casey
Jacob Madeleine Casey
Lauren Dylan Sarah
Dylan Benji
Marissa Basel Evelyn
Basel Marissa
Madeleine Raymond

1. Alex recieved a self-vote for not submitting a vote during Tribal Council.

Tribe Flags



  • This is the first season of Tumblr Survivor to feature 4 starting tribes.
  • This is the first to feature an orange tribe.
  • This season featured 7 returning contestants, and 17 new contestants.
  • This is the first season to be hosted by 2 people (Samantha and Katelyn).
  • This is the first season of Tumblr Survivor to feature a Final 2.
  • This is the first season of Tumblr Survivor to have a tribe not named after an original Survivor tribe.
    • Runner-Up Jack named the merged tribe Snillor Idoj (after Jodi Rollins)
  • The longest lasting member of each original tribe was:
    • Ryan (Casaya) 11th place, Benji (Bayoneta) 5th place, Jack (La Mina) 2nd place, and Casey (Viveros) 1st place.
  • Every vote-off before the tribe switch was a unanimous vote-off.
  • This season had the highest number of quits at five.
  • 33% (8/24) of this season's castaways weren't voted out (5 quits, 1 MedEvac, 2 Finalists).
  • This season featured 3 Hidden Immunity Idols
    • 1 was found by Cassidy, and 2 were found by Wes.
  • This is the fourth consistent season in which Jack and Katie have participated.
    • Thus far, this season is Jack's highest placement (2nd), and Katie lowest placement (17th).
  • This is first season in which 4-time contestant Jack has lasted until the Final Tribal Council.
  • This is the second season in which a "First Boot" has returned (Hanne, 24th place, Season 3).
    • The only other First Boot to return was Dalton, who was cast for Season One but was eventually unable to play [and was subsequently evacuated as the first elimination].
    • Ironically, Hanne drastically improved on her previous placement this season by going from 24th place to 3rd place.
  • This is the first season to feature a Skype reunion once the game was over.

Cast Assessments

Katelyns's Assessments

Katie: I think Katie is a strong player. I think she may be a little too confident, but she is a strong player. I hope she goes far, but if she runs her mouth too much it could get her in trouble.

Cassidy: Cassidy seems like she’d be the quiet one of the tribe. But I do think she’d be all for a blindside to stir up some drama. I’m excited to see her play.

Adam: Adam is a very smart player if he could only watch what he says to whom. He’s good at challenges, but if he is too good again this season, it might pose a threat to the others, and give them a reason to vote him out quickly. He could get very far if he is careful about how he is perceived.

Ray: With his little knowledge of the show, I think it could either go really well or really bad for Ray. Hopefully he has a good chance during the game; it’d be very interesting to see how it goes for Ray.

Jack: Jack… Maybe if Jack can watch what he says, and doesn’t make anyone too mad, he could go far. He is very opinionated and if he goes against the tribe too many times it might come back to hurt him.

Dylan: With how eager Dylan is, I hope he goes far. His strategy is a good one if only he can make it happen.

Kayla: I think that Kayla will have to be really careful this time around. I know that last season there was a bit of a rivalry between a few alliances. I hope she can go farther and have a different turn out this season. I think she’d be very strategic and be really good if she has a good solid alliance.

Ryan: Ryan got pretty far last season, but I’m hoping maybe he could be a little risky this time around, make some moves, and maybe secretly take control of the game. I think he’s opinionated but he needs to strategize more this time around.

Hanne: I hope she doesn’t get voted out first again this season. I don’t know how far she’ll go but I just hope her game doesn’t go like Francesca’s. I hope she can redeem herself this season and prove she can play the game.

Madeleine: She says she wants to be like a villain. I think she’d be someone who runs their mouth and you either love them or hate them.

Elizabeth: This girl sounds confident and feisty. I’m not sure she’d win if she makes it to the end. If her game goes as she wants it to, people might not think she played enough of the game to outwit and outplay.

Evelyn: With her extreme knowledge of the show and entire game of survivor, I think she has a huge advantage over some people playing. I won’t be surprised if she can find a way to make everything work in her favor, planning her game around the moves played.

Benji: I think Benji will do really well. I think if he makes it to the end with the right bunch of people, he’d win. I think he’d be a really smart player and would know when to play the right moves at the right time. I’d love to see an alliance between him and Adam. I think the two would play a good game and work well together. It’d also be a funny alliance to see happen just because Adam hates Canada.

Jacob: I have a feeling Jacob will be one of the first few to get voted off. If he doesn’t get voted out early I see him being in a big alliance and following the majority, and later being a swing vote.

Phil: I think he’ll do fairly well, I think he will find a good alliance with the right type of people and kind of ride with that throughout the game. But he might be seen as a leader and that could put a target on his back.

Sarah: Shout out to Texas. I respect Sarah; I think she did great last season. I think her strategy will work well this season, and hopefully she’ll have that good amount of people who have nothing against her, once again. I hope to see some big moves from her; I think it would help her game a lot.

Lauren: If her tribe goes to tribal enough, I have a feeling she’d be one of the first few voted off of her tribe. I think her tribe might see her as a threat and might want to get her out ASAP.

Andrew: I can see him being in a big alliance from the start, and most likely sticking with them for as long as he can. Now, where he stands in that big alliance is what’s going to determine how far he gets in the game.

Alex: I feel like Alex will make it to about, merge. I think she’ll play a dangerous game. She might jump from one alliance to the next and I don’t think it’ll help her.

Marissa: I can see her finding an alliance with Katie. But I can see her trying to take charge and maybe her tribe won’t be so happy about it.

Samrah: With Samrah’s lack of survivor knowledge, I think she will be an early vote-out. I don’t know if she’ll be able to get far with no idea how the game works.

Basel: If Casaya goes to tribal, I think Basel would be first to go. I think they will see him as a weaker player and try to shape their tribe to be strong.

Wes: I can see Wes going pretty far. I think with the self-awareness he talks so much about will help him keep his head in the game and stay focused, on his self and how he’s perceived.

Casey: Casey has a nice strategy. I think she can get very far if she plays her cards right. If she doesn’t make too many enemies she could have a chance of winning if she gets to the end.

Sam’s Assessments

Katie: Katie will be very interesting. This will be her fourth time playing and she has gotten 4th place twice and 13th place. She would have been able to win season 1 and 3 had she not let her emotions get in the way of her game. She is a strong competitor in challenges and she’s not too bad at the strategic element. Katie may be scared to trust anyone she doesn’t know this time after being back stabbed last time but if she can get herself in a solid alliance in the beginning she can make it far into the game.

Cassidy: Cassidy hosted last season so I think she has a better understanding for the dynamic of the game than anyone else. I think Cassidy has the potential to do very well. She is going to need to do well in challenges and form good relationships and her ability to do that will determine her fate in the game.

Adam: Adam is very strong in challenges and is very social with everyone and that is exactly why he probably won’t do so well. Adam will immediately be identified as a threat by his tribe and by the others and when there is a tribe swap or a merge they will want him gone. If Adam can be more discreet about talking to everyone and maybe tone down his challenge scores he could do really well but I know it’s not like him to do that.

Raymond: I’m really excited to see Raymond play, and Raymond is excited to see himself play. Raymond only started watching the show because we told him it will help him in the game and I really think it will. He seems like the type of person who will do anything to win, but his competitive edge may put a target on his back. I look forward to seeing how’s Raymond’s Survivor experience plays out.

Jack: This is Jack’s fourth time playing. He seems to have a very strong personality and he might rub people the wrong way. He is not the strongest challenge competitor but that may work to his advantage.

Dylan: I think Dylan can do really well. He started watching season 24 then went back and watched every other season. He appears to be very knowledgeable about the game so hopefully he can apply that to his own game. He knows that he needs to make a majority alliance as well as a sub alliance that will get him to the end. If he can do that he’ll go very far.

Kayla: Going into the game, Kayla has some enemies but she also has some friends so it could go either way for her. If she can get herself in with the right group of people and not ruffle any feathers, I can see her doing well.

Ryan: If I could compare Ryan to any Survivor player, it would be Eddie Fox. Much like Eddie, Ryan wants to be a part of some big moves but he just doesn’t have it in him to come up with it. Ryan will be someone who is in an alliance but not making the major moves for the alliance.

Hanne: I really hope Hanne can do well! Last time she was voted out first because she had a very low score and no one on the tribe had really heard from her. If she can manage to get average scores and make some alliances I think she can go far. I don’t think she will come off as threatening and people will be more concentrated on getting the social and challenges threats out first. I think if she can make it to the merge and get in a good alliance she has a pretty good shot at winning.

Madeleine: I don’t know how well Madeleine will do. She’ll either do really well or be one of the first people out. I think she is either going to play a Parvati-esque game or she may just be playing to have a good time.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth knows what it takes to win this game. She is a huge fan of the show and if she can apply her knowledge of the game to her own game it can work in her favor. She seems very determined to win and I know she will not go down without a fight.

Evelyn: I think Evelyn has a lot of potential. She seems very sweet and I think that will help her because people will gravitate towards her and not suspect that she would be threatening and then she can stab you in the back. But I don’t know if she has it in her to stab people in the back but we’ll have to see.

Benji: I hope Benji will do well. I think Benji will bring his A game. He understands that you need to make good relationships in order to get far into the game as well as make big strategic moves. I think he has a good chance at winning.

Jacob: I have a good feeling Jacob won’t do so great. He seems to know his stuff but I just feel like people are going to get the wrong vibe from him. I think he will be gone premerge.

Phil: I can see it going either way for Phil. I think he will either be one of the first ones out or one of the last ones standing. Phil seems like the type of person who isn’t afraid to express his opinion and sometimes in Survivor you need to keep your opinion to yourself.

Sarah: Last season Sarah managed to stay under the radar and by the time anyone realized she was actually a huge threat her alliance had gained control. If Sarah can manage to repeat that, and not get blindsided by a hidden immunity idol in the end, she may be able to win the whole thing.

Lauren: I feel like Lauren will do alright. She will probably be an early juror. I feel like she just may not be aggressive enough to say “look we need to do this.” She seems like someone who will go with the flow rather than think for herself.

Andrew: I definitely see potential in Andrew. He seems like someone who will really spend the necessary time building the relationships with people and gaining their trust. Doing that is key in this game and if he can do that well and gets to the end I think he has a great shot at winning.

Alex: Alex talks about backstabbing and lying but she also said that she has anxiety like Cochran. I think Alex will be like the Cochran in South Pacific; someone who is on the outs of their tribe but keeps escaping the vote and isn’t doing amazingly in challenges but manages to find their way to a pretty decent spot. But I wouldn’t be shocked if she dominated strategically and maybe gets a little Cochran 2.0 in her.

Marissa: I’m not too sure about Marissa. She might be someone who tries to make too many strategic moves or she might be someone who doesn’t make any. Either way I think she will make it far into the game but I don’t see her winning.

Samrah: Samrah has never seen Survivor so that puts her at a major disadvantage however it will be interesting to see her figure out the game as she goes along, that’s if she doesn’t get voted out right away. If she does get far into the game it is because someone is using her for her vote.

Basel: I think Basel will do alright. I don’t see him getting too far, I feel like he will be the last person to be voted off before the merge or something. He sounds very confident in his abilities. Basel thinks that he will do well in the challenges and make a lot of friends and stay on top of everything. He may be able to talk the talk but I don’t know if he can walk the walk.

Wes: To me, Wes seems like a very likeable guy. Being a psych major will hopefully help him get a good read on people. I feel like we will see him in a majority alliance but he will be on good terms with everyone. If he can get to the merge, I feel like he will be a lot more level-headed than the rest of the contestants and he will fly under the radar and suddenly end up in the final 3.

Casey: I think Casey is going to play too hard. She wants to be running the show without people knowing which if she can successfully do that than I totally respect that but I think that will be hard with this group of people. I think people will notice that she is trying to make big moves too fast and they’ll cut her loose before she can get to the merge.